Animalshelter Bonaire – Welkom !

Kenneth with two cute puppies

Bonaire Animal Shelter is a refuge for dogs and cats that can no longer be cared for by their owners, have been abandoned, or were born in the wild and brought to us by concerned citizens and tourists.
The shelter also offers a boarding place for cats and dogs and we’ve started a gift shop on the premises to help raise money to sustain the shelter.
Fundraising Shelter Saturday:
- Every saturday: Garage sale at Kam. Lib. Simon Bolivar, in front of Brandaris Café from 8 AM – 5 PM.

The Bonaire Animal Shelter Art Auction is coming up in the latter part of December. To make this auction a successful fundraiser for the Shelter they need donations of things to auction – like art works, crafts, services (carpentry, maintenance, painting, gardening) or any other “saleable items.” The annual Auction is one of the best sources of raising funds to keep the Shelter open for the homeless cats and dogs. Don’t miss it. It’s one of the most fun evenings on the island. Stay tuned for the exact date and location

Animal Shelter Bonaire

Animal Shelter Bonaire

Foundation Animal Shelter Bonaire / Stichting Dierenasiel
Kaminda Lagoen 26 Kralendijk, Bonaire, Dutch Antilles
Phone: 0599-7174989

Bank Details of the Animal Shelter Bonaire
RBTT Bank Antilles, Bonaire Branch Account number: 23.10.139 BIC: RBTTANCU
Bankaccount in Holland: Rabobank te Dongen, account 1377.48.744 (Stichting Dierenasiel Bonaire).

Support Bonaire provides a way for Americans to donate to the Animal Shelter Bonaire and claim charitable deduction on their American income tax.


Need more information: Send an e-mail to Marlies Tiepel, manager of the Animal Shelter Bonaire. Would you like to receive the newsletter of the Animal Shelter Bonaire. please send us an e-mail. Click here for a view on the Animal Shelter Bonaire and on the You Tube Channel of the Animal Shelter you can find the Pets Paradise Bonaire video about the daily life at the shelter.

On Saturday January 14 2012, the Bonaire Animal Shelter officially received a very brand new single cabin, long bed, heavy duty, 2.7 turbo diesel white pickup truck from the Stichting Dierenlot.

Stichting Dierenlot

The Animal Shelter Bonaire website is sponsored by Bits Bonaire


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