Effie, The Bonaire Shelter Dog. She is a permanent resident of the shelter and she loves to roll in the sand.
Winston and Wallace, two sibling cats that were dumped at the shelter gates with no reason given. Fortunately the were adopted from the animal shelter.
Six little pups were brought to the shelter in an Ikea box. The owner of the pups told us that their birth it was not meant to happen, but did.
Thes two cats were taken to the shelter because they were a nuisance. They were making too much noise and were stealing food.
This dog ears were cropped to give him a more ferocious look. The cropping was done very unprofessional.
Misty came into our shelter in an extreme emaciated condition. She was very shy and afraid. She was nourished back to health, spayed and was adopted into a home.
Kitten and pup were dumped at the Bonaire Animal Shelter with no explanation. They became best friends.
Mikey was found, along with his brother Morris and his mother Mandy, after being abandoned and left in a drop off cage at the Animal Shelter Bonaire.
Princess is a permanent resident. She likes to curl up in a small basket to sleep.
This pup was dumped on the side of a road somewhere on Bonaire. A good samiritan brought him to the shelter. He's cooling down in the waterbowl.

Bon Bini!

Animal Shelter Bonaire
The Bonaire Animal Shelter is a refuge for dogs and cats that can no longer be cared for by their owners, have been abandoned, or were born in the wild and brought to us by concerned citizens and tourists. 
The shelter also offers a boarding place for cats and dogs 

Every Saturday

Is Fundraising Shelter Saturday at Pakus di Pruga with a Garage Sale. You can find Pakus di Pruga at Kam. Lib. Simon Bolivar, in front of Brandaris Café. Open from 8 AM – 5 PM.

Bonaire Cat Cam

Watch the adoptable cats in the Bonaire shelter on the Bonaire Cat Cam

Bonaire Cat Cam

Thanks Dierenlot


Spay / Neuter

The Animal Shelter Bonaire offers a free spay/neuter for the cats and dogs of Bonaire
free spay neuter campaign animal shelter Bonaire
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